Toothache London

Toothache may be felt in different ways:

  • It may be constant
  • It may come and go
  • Temperature may make the pain worse
  • Cold drinks may make it better momentarily
  • Hot drinks may set the pain off
  • It can come on suddenly without stimulus
  • Changes in pressure (aeroplane journey/deep sea diving) may cause pain
  • It can be mild or severe
  • It can feel "sharp" or be a background “dull ache”
  • It can be worse at night (particularly when you're lying down)
  • Losing a filling or a broken tooth may start the pain.

It may be difficult locate where the pain is coming from. You may not be able to locate whether it is coming from the upper or lower teeth! Pain can radiate from a tooth and feel like the pain is in your ear/head/neck. You may think the toothache is in another tooth entirely.

Treatment For toothache pain

Using painkillers like Ibuprofen and Paracetamol (if you have no contraindications to these medications) may help with pain relief whilst you make an Emergency Dental appointment.

If decay is causing your pain we will be able to remove the decay and place a filling or a sedative dressing.

If the decay has irritated the root canal irreversibly, then we can calm the pain down by starting to cleanse the root canal and place sedatives within the tooth.