Operating Microscopes

Dental microscopes allow us to see the minute details contained within teeth. Its use allows us to perform microsurgery within the root canal system. This is another integral part of armament used at our practices. 

Why we use operating microscopes at our clinics

The benefits of using a microscope:

  • Locating hidden canals that have been obstructed by calcifications and reduced in size
  • Aids in the removing materials such as solid obturation materials, silver points, carrier-based materials, posts and creating space around separated instruments
  • Conservatively removing canal obstructions
  • Assisting in access preparation to avoid unnecessary destruction of vital tooth tissue
  • Repairing deficiencies within the small space of the tooth e.g. perforations and biological defects
  • Visualising and locating cracks and fractures that are not visible to the naked eye
  • Supporting Endodontic surgery, particularly in root-end surgery and placement of material to apically seal the root
  • Enhanced photographic documentation