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Get seen by one of our highly qualified and experienced Root Canal experts today. Don’t suffer with toothache. If you would like to speak to us about your cases then simply Call Us on 020 3488 0977

  • Seen by highly experienced & qualified Root Canal Experts

  • Advanced pain relief technology to gets any tooth numb

  • Experienced in dealing with Nervous patients

  • Treatment can be carried out on the same day

  • Trusted 5 star dental service

Let us help you save your natural teeth with painless Root Canal treatments.


  • Advanced Root Canal Treatments

  • Root Canal Consultation & Reports

  • Root Canal Investigation

  • Repair Broken Teeth

  • Root canal through Crowns & Bridge Work

  • Same Day Treatments

  • Tooth X-rays

  • Bonding/Clear Fillings

  • Crowns/Onlays after Root Canal Treatments

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